A California-based swimwear brand makes waves in the sustainable market

Abysse, a swimwear brand, first hit the masses just a few years ago with a mission to provide consumers with high-quality, fashionable, and ethical materials. Today, owners Hanalei Reponty-Gudauskas and her mother Raphaele Reponty can proudly say they have been true to their mission and still work to find more ways to incorporate eco-friendly materials into their brand.

"My mom and I decided to create a brand that would align all of our values, in terms of creating garments that would be fashionable and functionable[sic] for girls like us who love the ocean, that want to wear something sustainable," explained Reponty-Gudauskas.


Now living in Southern California, Reponty grew up in Tahiti and has been a professional surfer for years, as well as a model. Reponty-Gudauskas said her love for the environment and the ocean is the core of who she is and she incorporates into her everyday life. 

"All of our products are made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Everything is made in California, which I think goes hand-in-hand. Because sometimes people make sustainable products in China, which to me doesn't really make sense because you have transport. And sustainability to me is correlated with ethics," Reponty-Gudauskas pointed out. "When you're a surfer you see the impact directly because we spend so much time in the ocean. So you do see plastic or anything that ends up on the beach, and now we see a lot of animals that either eat plastic or eat things that are not supposed to be in the ocean," she added. 

"Abysse is a collection of women's wetsuits, bikinis and active wear inspired by the idea of bringing function and fashion together into one being. The goal is to accommodate the demand for a sport garment that will be able to remain durable in the water through active lifestyles, yet still be fashionable. Utilizing the highest quality of eco-friendly materials, Abysse aims to provide a premium experience throughout your journey."

Abysse has faced similar challenges as other sustainable brands when it comes to executing its core values of producing products that are truly environmentally friendly. 

"Definitely finding production is tough, but it is out there," Reponty-Gudauskas said. "We try to use packaging that is recycled, inks that are biodegradable, poly bags. That's the tough thing with fashion. There's so much going on that even poly bags, which seem easy are made out of plastic. So our poly bags are made out of plant-based products...It takes a long time to find the right solutions but we definitely aim to grow slowly and at the pace of our products and technology," she disclosed.

While developing new designs and expanding their customer demographic, the mother-daughter duo also work with charities to help educate people about issues and materials affecting the ocean. 


Tatiana Toomer