Navigating 'slow fashion' with GALERIE.LA

As sustainable fashion and the slow fashion movement begin to gain more traction, consumers are being inundated with suggestions on how they can adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle. Los Angeles-based retailer GALERIE.LA says they offer an easier way to shop trusted brands that practice transparency and sustainability. 

"I probably wouldn't have used sustainability in regards to fashion five years ago. Once I started to get along this journey, it took me months of researching how the brands are communicating, what their stories were," admitted GALERIE.LA founder Dechel Mckillian. "I created the badge system to really make it easy. We coin it as, 'you can shop your values,' Mckillian explained. "We have different sustainable initiatives, like artisan-made goods, eco-friendly materials that are used in the garments. Everything is ethical, but that's definitely part of our badges," she pointed out. "Local, recycled, and vegan, so that sometimes you're like, 'Well, I want to support a local designer.' You can click on that badge and find all the garments that are made locally." 


For Mckillian, embarking on a sustainable lifestyle, while bringing emerging brands with positive environmental and social impacts to the forefront, began with her endeavors as a celebrity stylist.  

"I started to see the impact fashion was having on our planet; seeing beaches covered with trash, and seeing that a lot of that was clothes or shoes, seeing how people that worked in fashion were treated, the factories that they worked in, just the conditions. And I think I had more of a gut reaction of, 'What can I do?' And I also recognized my impact, putting things on celebrities causes a ripple effect for the consumers wanting to buy things and wear it only once because they saw it on someone," Mckillian revealed. 

While sustainable clothes could be considered more of an investment than fast fashion because of their long lasting wear, Mckillian explained that there are ways to have a budget-friendly, environmentally conscious wardrobe.

"Sometimes you might see that the price point of goods are a little higher and that's because there's so much that goes into creating a sustainable garment. When you're talking about paying a worker a fair wage, in California what is that, $10 or $15 to sew a shirt. That shirt can't be $5," Mckillian explained. "You can go to a thrift store. Buy something that's already been used. It's still stopping the cycle of clothing pollution."

GALERIE.LA partners with a vast array of designers and their products can be shopped on the e-commerce site or concept store at The Row in Downtown Los Angeles. 



Tatiana Toomer