three ways to wear mom shorts

Mom shorts are one of those forever comfortable, "please stay in style forever" type of shorts. There's nothing risque about the look, just a clean cut way of showing off your legs. So what are three ways to wear mom shorts? Let's start with a bodysuit. 

Bodysuits are tricky to wear, yet versatile. For the sake of casual attire, I went for a red spandex bodysuit and washed-out black mom shorts. The bodysuit featured a scoop neckline and a fun quote, "born to be fashion." The cuffed style of the shorts also added to the casual flair, making it great to wear with some basic walking shoes. 


The high-waisted short style brings more style options in a light blue wash. If you want a more stylish, summer-friendly look, try an off-the-shoulder top. I went for a top that also had ruffles around the front and back for a girly look. While I only wear this style of top every once in a blue moon, it is a fun flirty style thats adds some flair to any outfit. 

My favorite thing about these style of shorts is that they give just the right amount of coverage for when you want to wear a cropped top but not show too much of your stomach. For an ultra-relaxed look, try pairing the shorts with a cropped pullover. A cozy top will add to the easy vibe. It's simple, effortless and just may be the look you need when running errands around town. 

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