fashion sustainability vs. ease of purchase

© zhu difeng -

© zhu difeng -

Marketing sustainable fashion to millennials may be an uphill battle for brands, according to a recent study. Experts suggest promoting a simple message with quality clothing to attract younger buyers. 

LIM College revealed through a consumer insights survey that although millennials view themselves as eco-fashionistas, their purchasing trends suggest otherwise.

According to the data, only 34 percent of millennials surveyed are inclined to make a purchase because a product is eco-friendly. Whereas, 95 percent attribute ease of purchase, price and value as their main reasons for buying. Another influential marker proved to be product uniqueness 92 percent, while 60 percent of those polled said the brand's name was a top factor. 

Experts theorize that the eco-friendly industry needs more choices that zero in on millennials' top shopping priorities; ease of purchase, price, value, and uniqueness.





Tatiana Toomer