bare it! extreme crop top

The hardest thing about wearing an extreme crop top is wearing an extreme crop top! Truly. Therefore, how you style it is essential.

If you're brave enough to rock the daring look balance out the outfit with high-waisted jeans, a maxi skirt, or a snug pencil skirt. Skip the shorts because then it would be like you're really trying to show off. 

The extreme crop top bares your entire stomach so I would say it's too much for a first date, but if you really like him wear it on a second date. Transition the look into the evening with a lightweight, mid-length jacket. 

This is one of those styles that is great for summer but will have people looking at you like you're crazy if you try to rock it in the fall. So try out this Zara printed crop before the summer heat wave is gone! 

xo tati

extreme crop top.jpg