knitwear for summer: 3 ways

Sweater weather is not just for fall and winter. Lightweight knits and trendy crochet are a great way to spruce up your wardrobe this summer. And even if you just have one knit skirt, it can go a long way. Let's style it three different ways!

The key is to go for a universal color when choosing the skirt. You'll want one that you can easily mix and match with different colored tops. I opted for a grayish pencil skirt style. It isn't quite a summer maxi, but it is figure flattering. The most obvious way to style it is with a matching colored top. Sticking with the lightweight knit fabric, I paired the skirt with a matching thin-strapped top. The top also featured a deep V-neckline and a low-cut back, making it suitable for warmer weather. 

Another option, is to color block the skirt with a halter top. Halter tops are great because they typically feature an open back, which makes it more breathable when wearing knit.  I went for a light blue halter, giving the outfit a pop of color for those sunny days. 

A fun way to mix up the look is to try an open-work crochet crop top. Crochet is one of my all time favorites, especially when finding new ways to rock out in the retro style. The crochet crop is flirty, fun, and gives the outfit that unique and unexpected touch. 

How do you style your knits during the warmer months? Tag us @citystyleme on Instagram and let us know!